Thursday, December 24, 2009

A fishy meet

We have always been people with amazing skills and one skill that is common to all of us is the knowledge of putting the tongue to good use. And hence whenever there is an occasion for us to meet, eating and chatting are the primary things that you can look for.
Talking about food, fish is the favourites of all times (with due respect to those who are exceptions to this clause). Everyone met at the destination, Rahul (Aundh) by about 7:30 PM and as always it took a matter of minutes for the newbies to be our long lost friends. What happens after that is something which every meet has experienced. It really becomes difficult to identify the newbies in the group.
Patra fish and Prawns had spiced up the taste-buds and then there was a need to cool them down. So the next destination on the same evening was naturally Naturals for ice-creams (with the tender coconut flavour?) Oh! by-the-way, let the fish talk and Naturals not make you feel this meet has happened in's a Pune meet!

The experience of being present there is faar more than the blog can explain. AmBo would be coming up with a poem on keep watching this blog for more details!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Conquering a Sunday!

Sunday mornings are lazy and there are no 2 ways about it. Rather the complete day is lazy. It's "the" day for relaxing, getting up late, lying on the sofa playing couch potato and watching the idiot box till hunger beckons lunch. Post a heavy lunch and an afternoon nap, it's evening tea, a movie may be and the day ends. Contrastingly, if someone offers a Sunday wherein the wake-up alarm rings at 4:00 AM to be ready in an hour and then walk uphill for about 3 hrs basking in the sun...what would you choice be??
We accepted the offer. And when we have a team that gels so well, that neither disturbing the sleep nor the hot climate can deter our determination to go trekking together. And with the nature's beauty calling, it was a bonus offer!
It was destination of the majestic forts on the Sahyadri range and a perfect trek for first-timers (Most of us were first-timers) Though one of the simplest of the treks, the sun blaring heat and the long uphill trail together were a tough ask. It is at such points where the group matters, the bonding between the group matters. And this group gels as strongly as the structure of the fort.
Encouraging, cheering and clicking pics all the way, the whole group enjoyed trekking together. To add, we enjoyed the simplest of zunka-bhakar for lunch, followed by kokum sharbat. It was a completely different experience in all. A Sunday was exploited against the usual protocol of a "lazy" Sunday...A Sunday was conquered!
Feeling like you have missed something?? If you don't want to miss it again, please email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Children's day with grand-parents

Most of us have had a great time with our grand-parents. They have always been special for us. In line with these memories, we thought of spending time with some grand-parents who are away from their children and make the "Children's day" a great day for them. However, Oldage homes are not happening places and at most times, you would get negative vibes from the people staying there. They are also very low on EQ (Emotional Quotient) and even a simple conversation could drive them to bad memories of the past. Understanding this, we knew we had a tough task ahead.

It was a challenge and we had to prepare ourselves. We spent about 2 weeks on creating the plan, discussing it and working out options. We planned for an ice-breaking session on the first day, followed by a stage show in the evening. We had interactive games, the second day morning and a gifting ceremony to close the event. We wished to create memories that they could cherish for a long time. Little did we dream that the event would give us such a memorable experience. And while we had a wonderful time with the people there, we also had our share of "masti" with a night-walk, then terrace chatting, the making of "khottos", morning walk to emu farm...and not to forget cramping 15 in 2 cars (9 in Honda City and 6 in Suzuki Estilo)
The experience was very nice and very fantastic...not just for me or a few other, but for all. We collected feedback from the people there as well as the Maha GSB team and the response was equally positive! The people there like stage show that we did as well as the interactive games that we had. One of them mentioned, "You people have brought a ray of light in the lives of the aged by interacting with them so ably" The fact that they likes the event was seen by their participation as well.
Some joined us in the performance while the rest participated in the interactive games. They sang, played tabla and even danced with us! The enthusiasm was bubbling...they were as eager to play with as much as we were to get involved with them.

We had planned to gift decorated "Matki (pot) Candles" and while we were painting, a couple of ammas joined us in the decoration work.
While some of the team members were busy with the interactive session, some worked on filling the matkis with wax and the rest cleared up non-biodegradable stuff from the premises.
The interaction was so smooth with the inmates, that we never felt that we were there for the first time. Hegde maam, the incharge there said "It was really nice to see the inmates happy" while Bhat maam has invited us to visit more often. And the feedback from the Maha GSB team is no different. All the feedback mention that the visit was a pleasant and wish to visit the place as many times as possible. We, the Maha GSB team are all set and waiting to cater to another social cause!
If you feel you can contribute to Maha GSB and are not sure how you can, please email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday morning exploited

"Another Sunday morning exploited!" That probably would be an apt statement...especially for a place like Pune. Generally, we face a very lazy Sunday morning...and we really hate it if we have to get up on a Sunday morning, be ready by 9:30 AM and leave home by 10:00. But Oct 25 was different. It was the day of reviving the Pune group of Saraswats.
The plans had started almost a month back and the response was not so heartening...till the Sunday morning. Marz-O-Rin, the ground zero for the meet, is generally a quiet place on Sunday morning with a very few people (read couples) coming in to have some soft talk or some people coming to have some pastries and little gupshup. All of them witness some nice chaos...something they would not have dreamt would happen!
We started pouring in and the first floor section that remains closed till 12:00 noon, was opened at 11:00. When 28 of us started occupying various seats, moving tables around...I guess the owner did not have much of a choice. It took around 5-10 mins for us to settle down and that was enough for us know each other...and when we know each other, there is no stopping. Chatting started as though we were long lost friends meeting each other. While the newly joined members shared the first impression, the rest shared their view of Maha GSB.
After snacks, pastries and a lot of chatting, it was time to lunch. George was the destination and biryani was the choice. Bhushit sponsored this quoting his birthday, so we replied with a cake!
And by the time we knew, it was time for the Mumbai team to say "Meet you soon!" (and to say that we took about half an hour)
We exploited another Sunday morning...and again, it was worth it. Those who were there would not mind rushing up on another Sunday for the same cause. But for those who missed, check the pics, join us once...and we will ensure you'll never be able to resist joining again!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

नवरातीची नवमी गाजवली!

The Wadala Ganeshotsav performance had it's side-effects...positively good for us. We were invited to perform at the Girgaum Saraswat Samaj on the Navami of Navratri, the day before Dasara! It was big for all of us not just because we were invited, but more still as some of the high profiles of the Saraswat society were visiting the Devi and were to attend our show as well.

And as is said, when crisis happens, there are no limits and for us, having just one weekend before the show had added in. But luck favours the brave and God helps those who help themselves. Here it was Durga devi who helped us to wave off the crisis and give a show to a packed audience. The show was so packed that we had to squeeze our way to the stage.

Due to lack of time, we had almost a repeat of the performance at Wadala...and there were some new additions. We demonstrated how Maha GSB was formed with grit and determination of all the members. Towards the end of the show, we had a group dance that "shook" the stage in a literal sense.

In short

Show असा झाला की सगळ्यांच मन जिंकलं,
विजयादशमीचा विजय मिळवला!
Performance असा धमाकेदार झाला,
नवमीलाच दसर्याच सोनं मिळवला!
The show had a wonderful response. Along with the applause, we also received queries on "how to join" and "what's the next program?" with a willingness to join the group.
Do you have queries?? Want to know more about Maha GSB?? us at: or call Ashutosh (9820992403) for more details.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

आती क्या खंडाळा!

This call of "आती क्या खंडाळा??" was answered by 21 Maha GSBs from Mumbai and Pune. Half of them had performed at the Wadala Math and knew each other...but the rest of the group barely knew each other and few of them had never met anyone in the group. In such a scenario, it would be fair to say that getting around with each other would take about 4-5 hours and meeting in the evening would just suffice the intro session for the group. But this group was a tad too different...probably it is in-built that any member joining this group just gels in.We reached the venue at about 6:00 PM. There was power failure and darkness was seeping in. That did not deter the enthusiasm in anyways. It took us about an hour to get the momentum going and the fun-time started rolling (not that we did not have fun on the way to Khandala) and the enjoyment and merriment went on more than the clock could count hours...from evening to night to midnight to dawn to early morning...till the time that time took us apart and it was time to head home. And in all this while, we collected memories to cherish for a lifetime.
We joked, we laughed, we sang, we danced, we barbequed, we enjoyed. We never missed a second and yet we never knew how time passed. And when we realized it was time to say "Good-bye", we were left wanting for more. Even after returning, we all are still in the same mood...wanting to be back with each other and have even more fun.I am short of words to describe the experience we had, hence will be updating the blog from the feedback from those who attended the meet shortly. The experience is also shared very poetically by Amit Bokale [AmBo] on our blog Kavya Prabha

Those who were there know what it was and we promise to deliver more of such memories in the time to come. For those who missed out, still have a chance. For details, write to us at

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

गणपती बाप्पा...मोर्र्य!!!

It was a travel from clouds of uncertainity to seventh heaven! It was three months back that we started with the idea of this performance. But right from how to get the stage for performing to who would perform, we spent all weekends working around this and it bore fruits on Aug 30 when the audience resounded with a thundering appaluse and cheers of "once more!!!"

The show had a lovely start with "Gananayaka" by Pradnya followed by a thunderous performance by twins Shweta-Teja. Then Nikhil and Vaidehi proved how a couple can rhyme with each other. This gave the show the needed powerful start...the audience started pouring in. Then was a skit by Ajinkya and Vinayak on a very innovative and delicate theme. They kept the audience involved. Then Sankalpa rocked the audience with "Hi chaal turu turu" and earned a chorus request of "once more". Then it was Chetan and Tanmayee as Dev Anand and Madhubala...and their dance was quite a peppy one. And all this was held together wonderfully by the hosts Sankalpa, Tanmayee, Ashwini and Chirag while Shripad had a guest appearance.

All this happened in an hour's timeframe...leaving the audience asking for more. The GSB Wadala Saravajanik Ganeshotsav samiti also wished for more...and we are planning to comply with a 2 hour performance at the next Ganeshotsav. (We would also be having some thing in between)...till then we all say...

गणपती बाप्पा...मोर्र्य!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Misal, masti and more...

Fun and food...the two words synonymous with the Maha GSB meets. Whether it is the fun factor or the misal at Aswad, we kept our jaws exercising. While our senior member, Praveen da gave us gyaan and Aj usual, AJ was the entertainment factor. This time for a change we met inside Hotel Aswad and then moved out to wait for Chirag. Tanmayee was very punctual and AJ reached to appreciate her punctuality, well in time. Shripad joined in later, followed by Ash-n-Ash.

After some cool time at Aswad, we had to have some colder moments. So we proceeded to the "gola" center. Chirag found the golas too cold, hence we treated us on coffee. That was supposed to be a pre-treat of his birthday. (We wait to see the big treat!) This time for a change, we spent most of the meet time at Baristaa. The most happening thing that happened here was an interview with a Shooter who fires as well as rides bullets! I know, quite some readers would be interested in watching the interview. I shall soon have the link (It is currently under post-production by the cameraman)

And for those interested in the serious happenings...we discussed the performance at Wadala math during Ganeshotsav. And for those who love outings, we are planning one in September (12-13 Sep)

Interested, na...then what are you waiting for?? Get in to: or call Ashutosh (9820992403) for more details.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shree Ganesh of the Second Season

After a long break, the second season of Maha GSB meets begun at the same venue as the first...the Udyan Ganesh Mandir. The first season had started in May '07 and continued for a about an year and with schedules getting busier, things came to an halt a little after May 08. By then we had completed over 12 meets including a lunch meet and a trek to Matheran. We also had a performance at Wadala GSB Ganeshotsav that was well appreciated. All this along with the fun that we have had is stored in the blogs on this site (check the side-strip) and in the memories of all those who have been there with us.
This season incidentally started in May (today:17-May-09) when quite a few heads came together with the same intention of having pure fun in a group of people whom we never knew were our friends...till the time we met!
Strange it may sound, but if you can ask anyone who has made it to the meet. Any new person joining the meet is a new friend (not even a stranger) for may be a few minutes. As ever, for this meet too, we had a good combination of golden friends and new faces. While Shweta, Ashwini, Ashutosh and Sagar have been synonymous with earlier meets, Tanmayee, Ameya and Chirag were the new additions to the team.
Ganesh Mandir was the meeting point as it is a well-known spot and more than that, it is said to be auspicious to begin with the blessing of Lord Ganesha. After getting together, what followed was the regular to eat and food to talk! We filled ourselves with light food and heavy laughter, chilly drinks and warm feelings...and before we knew, we had gulped over 2 hours.
So what are we doing this season?? All the fun that we had last season with some more flavours. To start of with, we have a performance planned for this Ganeshotsav at the all favourite Wadala GSB Ganpati on August 30. We already have a couple of songs, Shweta-Teja-Tanmayee for dance performance and a skit lined up. There are a few other performances that are coming in, we are just waiting for the confirmation!

Smiling together for the new season!!!

Did you miss this meet?? Do you wish to contribute or participate in the performance?? Do get in to: or call Ashutosh (9820992403)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Warming-up for a new season

After May 11, last year...we met up this Sunday (March 15). Meeting after 10 months, the fun and thrill part of the meet was still the same. Vaidehi missed due to bad health and a few others due to examinations. It was still a good fun time we had together after such a long time.

As the attendance was not so high (as it was last year)...and that we had expected as we were meeting after so long that most had lost the habit of making it to the meets every month! Moreover as exams are also due in April, many enthusiasts were not able to join in. So we invested the time in planning the future of these meets. The current plan that we have is for the Cultural events of the Wadala GSB Ganeshotsav mandal.

In 2007, we had performed at the Wadala GSB Ganseshotsav Cultural function (check this). We plan the same for 2009. Though Ganeshotsav is still far off, we would need to start working since May, so that we can cumulate an event. It would need to be planned with timings as we would accordingly have to book a slot at the function. So those interested in showcasing their talent, do get in touch with us.

And for those who are just interested in being a part of the too are most welcome. The next meet is scheduled for May 17 as April is full of exams (and April fools). This meet with all the fun, we would also be working on planning for the cultural programme. And those who are really very interested and not affected by exams, can get in touch with us. (Our email id is:, or you can call Ashutosh @ 9820992403)

(PS: Missed clicking the snaps as we were too busy...will share them after next meet!)