Thursday, December 24, 2009

A fishy meet

We have always been people with amazing skills and one skill that is common to all of us is the knowledge of putting the tongue to good use. And hence whenever there is an occasion for us to meet, eating and chatting are the primary things that you can look for.
Talking about food, fish is the favourites of all times (with due respect to those who are exceptions to this clause). Everyone met at the destination, Rahul (Aundh) by about 7:30 PM and as always it took a matter of minutes for the newbies to be our long lost friends. What happens after that is something which every meet has experienced. It really becomes difficult to identify the newbies in the group.
Patra fish and Prawns had spiced up the taste-buds and then there was a need to cool them down. So the next destination on the same evening was naturally Naturals for ice-creams (with the tender coconut flavour?) Oh! by-the-way, let the fish talk and Naturals not make you feel this meet has happened in's a Pune meet!

The experience of being present there is faar more than the blog can explain. AmBo would be coming up with a poem on keep watching this blog for more details!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Conquering a Sunday!

Sunday mornings are lazy and there are no 2 ways about it. Rather the complete day is lazy. It's "the" day for relaxing, getting up late, lying on the sofa playing couch potato and watching the idiot box till hunger beckons lunch. Post a heavy lunch and an afternoon nap, it's evening tea, a movie may be and the day ends. Contrastingly, if someone offers a Sunday wherein the wake-up alarm rings at 4:00 AM to be ready in an hour and then walk uphill for about 3 hrs basking in the sun...what would you choice be??
We accepted the offer. And when we have a team that gels so well, that neither disturbing the sleep nor the hot climate can deter our determination to go trekking together. And with the nature's beauty calling, it was a bonus offer!
It was destination of the majestic forts on the Sahyadri range and a perfect trek for first-timers (Most of us were first-timers) Though one of the simplest of the treks, the sun blaring heat and the long uphill trail together were a tough ask. It is at such points where the group matters, the bonding between the group matters. And this group gels as strongly as the structure of the fort.
Encouraging, cheering and clicking pics all the way, the whole group enjoyed trekking together. To add, we enjoyed the simplest of zunka-bhakar for lunch, followed by kokum sharbat. It was a completely different experience in all. A Sunday was exploited against the usual protocol of a "lazy" Sunday...A Sunday was conquered!
Feeling like you have missed something?? If you don't want to miss it again, please email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403).