Monday, November 19, 2007


Very tempting?? If you were at Gypsy Chinese on Sunday noon, you would be relishing the taste not just of this cake, but also of the unlimited fun moments that we had. And those who missed, well…this is just one of the things that you missed.

Kedar was joined by Sagar Danait and Ashutosh. They then booked a seating for 20 (and lucky enough to get the spot). Ajinkya and Sukhada joined in. Gradually the rest started coming in. Sudnya joined in followed by Amit, Smita and her dotty Vishakha, Siddhi Lotlikar, Shruti, Yash, Nanda, Aditi Diwadkar, Manoj Prabhu and by the time we realized the full show was on. The twins, Shweta and Teja had a tour of Dadar before they joined in. Vivek managed not to be too late and Uma was in just before the lunch was served. Prathamesh Kini had a CAT-bite and joined in after we were almost thru with the soups and starters.

Thanks to Sagar and Smita…who placed the orders to everyone’s delight. Ajinkya had a shooting performance and we had a rocking time. Smita had her camcoder and all the action was captured live. The ambience in Gypsy was calm and quiet…that is till we disturbed it. And probably that was unexpected for the staff there…they did seem taken aback by our roars of laughter. By the time, the staff had returned from the shock of how much we can rock, we were thru with our lunch. So they took the opportunity to usher us out. Then there was the need of a much wanted group photo. Looking at us trying very angles, the manager (I think so) felt we were just passing time there and (probably to get us out of there) offered to help us…Nice man!
As usual, we had created a long queue on the waiting list and everyone was relieved when we finally moved on. A paan and some chatting at the Shivaji Park katta…and the get-together concluded with a sweet taste.

Good food, good ambience, good laughs, good PJs and good company…we are the team of Good times together!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Colourful Black & White

In a life where most of us seek colours, a few prefer to use just shades of black and show how wonders can be created with a two colours - black and white! Ashwini Rege is one such artist who believes in the power of Black & White. This week, we have a few sketches from her collection display.

Of the collection, three are political cartoons that would bring up a smile. There is one with a boy sitting and holding a bat. This one is by far the best that I have seen. The shadow effect created are wonderful and give life to the image. A collection worth seeing. I have expressed my views of the too have a look and let us know your views too.
Click on the image for more:

Thanks to Ashwini for sharing your collection of sketches. The collection is far more than what we have here and we are expecting to see the rest of them and more coming in.

We have a huge artist pool with us and the contributions have started flowing in. Keep watching the blog for more posts. Well, do you want to just keep watching and not get listed in the talent club?? Send in your talents to and we will tell you what it means to us.