Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We won!

A very enthusiastic Maha GSB team reached Wadala Ganpati on Sunday evening hoping to get one chance to perform. And when they got the chance, it was "They came, they performed, they won!!!" They won the hearts of the whole crowd present there.
It was a complete show anchored by Asawari. She did a thorough professional job. The first performance was by Vaidehi. Here is the clipping of Omkara Pradhaana beautifully rendered by Vaidehi

It was then Ajinkya who came up with a short monoact. He enacted a character from the Marathi Play "Sahi re sahi

Then Shalmali sung her heart out...to win the hearts of the crowd.

This was followed by Vaidehi performing a spoof...a real hilarious experience

After a heart-winning performance by the Maha GSB team, the management of the GSB Wadala Ganpati gave a warm thank you note encouraging the budding artists to keep performing

It was a wonderful experience and I am happy I could watch it live. On behalf of the Maha GSB team, I thank all the performers Asawari, Vaidehi, Shalmali and Ajinkya for putting up this wonderful show. Special thanks to all those who worked behind the scenes for the success, Praveen Da for helping throughout in getting the slot, arranging for our rehersals and a lot more, Nagesh Pai for video recording, uploading videos and a lot of support that he provided, Yashashree, Amit and Sankalpa for all the support that they provided. Finally, before I conclude, a big thanks to the GSB Wadala Ganapati Management for giving our budding artists a chance to perform.

Ganpati bappa, MORRYA!!! Mangal moorthy MORRYA!!!

We believe that every Maha GSB member has a talent. It could be a performing talent like singing or dancing, or it could be an art of making candles or paintings. Whatever it is, we are eager to showcase your talent. Please send in your contributions (and queries, if you have any) to mahagsb@googlegroups.com

Friday, September 21, 2007

The team is performing

Probably this is one statement that most captains make when their team wins a match. In this case, however, I am not the captain but the team is sure to win hearts when they perform.

So when and what are they playing??
We are playing a play or rather a small skit at the Wadala Ganpati on the 23rd September. It is a 20 mins act. The Sunday (23 September) is a full packed day of various events. Our performance would be between two events, anytime from 5:00 PM onwards. Be there to see our team perform!

Are you feeling like you missed a chance of being in the performing team??
Don't worry, our performances don't stop there. The Saturday of 29th September, we are trekking to the wonderful fort of Lohagad. We have our team members Janhavi and Mangesh working on this. What time are we leaving, when would we reaching, what all would we be doing...all this are more to come on this post, do keep reading!
Incase the trek sounds interesting to you, you can call Ashutosh Nadkarni (09422518103) and confirm your availability. More details on the trek would be uploaded on the weekend.

For any queries and contributions or to know more about us, you can write to us at mahagsb@googlegroups.com.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Highlighting enthusiasm through-out!

Every meet has had its own highlights and so does this one. This one could be attributed to us starting the Pune chapter. We had two members who were with us because the Pune chapter was started. One of them was our guest for this meet. This lady does not like Mumbai much and it was just for this day that she was waiting to come to Mumbai. The other member is not a part of the "Maharashtrian GSB" community and she is hardly online...it was through her cousin that she came to know about the get-together.

This was the first time we had the get-together scheduled on a Sunday and the meet time was preponed to 4:30 PM. We missed the presence of Guru kaka here. The first two members reaching Aswad were Amit Prabhu, the man from army and Vaidehi, recommended by her cousin after Pune get-together. They were joined by Yashashree Patkar and the rest of the team flowed in. By 5:00, most of them were there busy talking to each other as though we all were childhood friends.

Every time we test the patience of Hotel Aswad more than the food we taste there. This time we patiently waited outside, till they requested us to move in. For a Sunday afternoon, the place was pretty filled up and this may be the first time that we were walking in a queue like disciplined kids! That was all the discipline that was there.
Once in, we were busy so busy chatting and laughing that we almost had forgotten where we were until the waiter reminded us that he was waiting for our order. Asawari and Shalmali joined in a bit late, but then it did not take them long to be join the laughter club. And it was when Aswari and Nanda sat on a bench together, we feared a loud breaking sound. Thankfully Aswad benches were designed to bear the load.
Of all, Trupti had a delayed laughter. Probably it could be the travelling lag or the Mumbai language...in anyways, even that was entertaining.
Mangesh (he can beat the Laughter Champions) made his entry a bit late and at the right time...when the food was ordered. He had a brief time with us and all the time that he was there, the food that we had ordered was on the plates as everyones mouth was busy laughing. The laughter broke Aswad manager's level of patience and he requested us to lower the volume. It was when Mangesh said "Good bye and God Bless!", we continued eating and the manager heaved the first sigh of relief. The next was when we all moved.
However, as usual we were not letting the meet end here. So we moved to Shivaji Park, where we found talents...Vaidehi Gholkar and Shalmali Palekar as singers. Their singing without any background music was worth listening. We also discussed the script of the skit that we, as a team are planning to perform at the GSB Wadala Ganpati on Sunday, September 23.

The meet is also summarized poetically by Amit Bokale [AmBo]. Do read that too. [Click here]

Quite a few of our regular members were not able to make it to this meet. However it was wonderful to see how the others kept up the enthu and never let a boring moment step in the meet. We were a strength of 16 with 5 new faces (Amit Prabhu, Vaidehi, Yashashree, Sumit, Trupti). This goes to show that the group is increasing and more than that it also says that those who have made it to the meet once, have always been eager to be a part of the meet again.
Have you been a part of the get-together so far?? What do you feel about these get-togethers?? Share your thoughts and experiences. Write to us at mahagsb@googlegroups.com

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Making us proud! Vivek Pai and Naresh Kamath

We are known for our talent, our brains and our will-power to do something. This reflects in the way we work, the way we chase our intentions and the achievements that we do. We have had many achievers and will keep having them.

One of our active members, Vivek Pai, recently opened up his own firm. He is an architect by profession and has a crave to make his own space. With the same intentions, of creating his name in the field of architecture, he has opened his own office at Byculla. Our best wishes are with him. "Looking at you to make us proud, Vivek!"

For us, Naresh Kamat is a new member who has joined the team but for HT (Hindustan Times), he is a well-known personality. He has made his presence felt in the field of journalism by achieving the prestigious Diamond Glamours Patrakar Ratna Award. He received the award at the hands of Minister of State for Urban Development Rajesh Tope and special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam. His article on security hazard of BMC's plan to create a hawking zone at Diamond market, Charni Road was selected. A month after the article was published, traders got the order cancelled.

We believe an achivement is neither big nor small; an achivement is an achievement and we are proud of it! If you are an achiever or know an achiever, do write to us as mahagsb@googlegroups.com and make us feel proud.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pune Chapter: Meet II

The second get-together of the Pune Chapter of Maha GSB team happened on Saturday, 25th August at 5:30 PM. It was raining heavily in Pune, the turn-up was low...but the spirits were high...and those who were there, knew what a fun it was! We have the report of this rocking meet that happened in Kamath Hotel, Pune from the Pune Co-ordinator Amit Bokale [AmBo]. Here is what he writes:

Sandhyakaalchi vel. Pahile pahune hazir hote. Nehmi pramane tyaani hi meet miss nahi keli. Tey hote aaple "Paus". Kamat hotel [JM road] var bhetaiche tharle hote. Nilesh yeun mazhya shejari ubha rahila. Adhi ek-mekaanna kadhi na bahitlya mule amhi olakhle nahi. Doghe ek-mekanna pahu laglo ani magh vicharle ki GSB meet saathi aalat ka, ani nantar gappa suru zhaalya.

Dusre pahune hote Surendra. Anolkhi chehare pahun tyaani call karaila surwaat keli. Amhi tyaala jaun vicharle ki to hi GSB meet saathi aala ahe ka, ani asey amhi rickshaat basnyayewdhi loka jamlo.

Ajun ek gruhasta amchya maagey yeun ubhe rahile. Amhi tyanchya kade baghat hoto. Tey hi amhaala bagat hote. Tey phone karnyacha prayatna karit hote konala tari. Amhi mag tyanna approach kela "GSB meet saathi aalat ka?" tar tey confuse zhaala ani nakaratmak uttar dile. Tewdhyat sahebanchi girlfriend aali ani tey aanandaay hotel madhe gele.

Tari amhcya gappa suruch hotya. Tewdhyaat mala call aala. Prashant ne majhya maagey ubharahun call kela hota. Asey amhi carrom doubles khelnya yewdhi loka zhaalo. Vaibhav Nadkarni kaamat adaklyamule toh Kamat madhe yeu shakla nahi. Pan tyaani hi meet miss kele karan pahilya meet la hi to thoda ushiraach aala hota.

Aankhi kon yenaar hyache confirmation navhte, tya mule amhi hotelaat shirlo. Yena-janaara ani hotel samoor thambnara "GSB tar nahi?" hya kade hi sarvanche laksha hote. Nilesh, Surendra and Prashant teeghe moolche Ratnagiri-Chiplun side che aslyaane tyanche kahi common friends kalale. Tya mule jaast javalchi olakh aslya sarkhe vaatu lagle. Gappa suru zhalya. Aadhi cutlets magavnyaat aale ani tya nantar baraach delay ghetla. Waiter la ajun ek mitra yet ahe asey saangun pudhchya coffee chi order baryach ushira denyaat aali.

Surendra kadne GSBs chi history ani kuldaivat che barech concepts clear zhaale. Nilesh tar khaas Jamshedpur hun aala hota. Tyaani tyachya engagement chi khushkhabar hi dili. Pudhya meet la aaplyala 2 pahuney confirm zhaale ahaet. Prashant Hadapsar hun meet saathi aala hota. Orkut access nasunhi tyaane mails varoon toh meet che plans chya updates ghet hota.

Dilkhulaas gappa zhaalya, vaig-vaiglya vishayannvar discussions zhaale, MahaGSB chi stuti hothach hoti, activities kashya vadhavta yeteel ani kay karave hey ki tharavnyaat aale. Ashi hi meet paus asunhi sampanna zhaali. Pudhchya meet chi sagle waat paahat aahot. Lavkarach ajun ek meet ghenyache tharavnyaat yenar ahe.

Have you missed this meet?? Do you want to suggest date and venue for the next get-together?? Then write to us at mahagsb@googlegroups.com