Friday, September 21, 2007

The team is performing

Probably this is one statement that most captains make when their team wins a match. In this case, however, I am not the captain but the team is sure to win hearts when they perform.

So when and what are they playing??
We are playing a play or rather a small skit at the Wadala Ganpati on the 23rd September. It is a 20 mins act. The Sunday (23 September) is a full packed day of various events. Our performance would be between two events, anytime from 5:00 PM onwards. Be there to see our team perform!

Are you feeling like you missed a chance of being in the performing team??
Don't worry, our performances don't stop there. The Saturday of 29th September, we are trekking to the wonderful fort of Lohagad. We have our team members Janhavi and Mangesh working on this. What time are we leaving, when would we reaching, what all would we be doing...all this are more to come on this post, do keep reading!
Incase the trek sounds interesting to you, you can call Ashutosh Nadkarni (09422518103) and confirm your availability. More details on the trek would be uploaded on the weekend.

For any queries and contributions or to know more about us, you can write to us at

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