Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We won!

A very enthusiastic Maha GSB team reached Wadala Ganpati on Sunday evening hoping to get one chance to perform. And when they got the chance, it was "They came, they performed, they won!!!" They won the hearts of the whole crowd present there.
It was a complete show anchored by Asawari. She did a thorough professional job. The first performance was by Vaidehi. Here is the clipping of Omkara Pradhaana beautifully rendered by Vaidehi

It was then Ajinkya who came up with a short monoact. He enacted a character from the Marathi Play "Sahi re sahi

Then Shalmali sung her heart out...to win the hearts of the crowd.

This was followed by Vaidehi performing a spoof...a real hilarious experience

After a heart-winning performance by the Maha GSB team, the management of the GSB Wadala Ganpati gave a warm thank you note encouraging the budding artists to keep performing

It was a wonderful experience and I am happy I could watch it live. On behalf of the Maha GSB team, I thank all the performers Asawari, Vaidehi, Shalmali and Ajinkya for putting up this wonderful show. Special thanks to all those who worked behind the scenes for the success, Praveen Da for helping throughout in getting the slot, arranging for our rehersals and a lot more, Nagesh Pai for video recording, uploading videos and a lot of support that he provided, Yashashree, Amit and Sankalpa for all the support that they provided. Finally, before I conclude, a big thanks to the GSB Wadala Ganapati Management for giving our budding artists a chance to perform.

Ganpati bappa, MORRYA!!! Mangal moorthy MORRYA!!!

We believe that every Maha GSB member has a talent. It could be a performing talent like singing or dancing, or it could be an art of making candles or paintings. Whatever it is, we are eager to showcase your talent. Please send in your contributions (and queries, if you have any) to mahagsb@googlegroups.com

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