Monday, May 18, 2009

Shree Ganesh of the Second Season

After a long break, the second season of Maha GSB meets begun at the same venue as the first...the Udyan Ganesh Mandir. The first season had started in May '07 and continued for a about an year and with schedules getting busier, things came to an halt a little after May 08. By then we had completed over 12 meets including a lunch meet and a trek to Matheran. We also had a performance at Wadala GSB Ganeshotsav that was well appreciated. All this along with the fun that we have had is stored in the blogs on this site (check the side-strip) and in the memories of all those who have been there with us.
This season incidentally started in May (today:17-May-09) when quite a few heads came together with the same intention of having pure fun in a group of people whom we never knew were our friends...till the time we met!
Strange it may sound, but if you can ask anyone who has made it to the meet. Any new person joining the meet is a new friend (not even a stranger) for may be a few minutes. As ever, for this meet too, we had a good combination of golden friends and new faces. While Shweta, Ashwini, Ashutosh and Sagar have been synonymous with earlier meets, Tanmayee, Ameya and Chirag were the new additions to the team.
Ganesh Mandir was the meeting point as it is a well-known spot and more than that, it is said to be auspicious to begin with the blessing of Lord Ganesha. After getting together, what followed was the regular to eat and food to talk! We filled ourselves with light food and heavy laughter, chilly drinks and warm feelings...and before we knew, we had gulped over 2 hours.
So what are we doing this season?? All the fun that we had last season with some more flavours. To start of with, we have a performance planned for this Ganeshotsav at the all favourite Wadala GSB Ganpati on August 30. We already have a couple of songs, Shweta-Teja-Tanmayee for dance performance and a skit lined up. There are a few other performances that are coming in, we are just waiting for the confirmation!

Smiling together for the new season!!!

Did you miss this meet?? Do you wish to contribute or participate in the performance?? Do get in to: or call Ashutosh (9820992403)