Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Art of a Woman

A picture is worth a thousand words and a painting is worth a thousand bucks! One of our budding artists, Reetika has come-up with a series of her paintings.

This is just a beauty of the glimpse of her art. The paintings are more than words can describe. The most eye-catching painting that I found is the one where 2 ladies are shown talking to each other near a well. The background scenery brings live to the painting. Even the expressions are pretty deep and give a real life effect. The paintings are for display on Majhe Chanda [click here].

Thanks to Reetika for sharing such wonderful pics of her paintings. The painting are impressive and we are expecting to see more of these coming in.

We have a huge artist pool with us and the contributions have started flowing in. Keep watching the blog for more posts. Well, you want to just keep watching and not get listed in the talent club?? Send in your talents to mahagsb@googlegroups.com and we will tell you what it means to us.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Extracting the talent!

All of us have a talent. Some express it and become world famous, some wish for a stage to display while some shy off from sharing their talent, fearing that they would be laughed upon. Those in the first category, who are already sharing their talent can put up their posts here as well. That would encourage the new comers to paricipate. For those who needed a stage, here you are...post in all that you can. And those who are still shying away, all I can say is probably you would be worse than some other contributors!

It need not be a talent that is known. It can be any of your hobbies as well. Seema loves glass painting and candle making. Her art would be displayed on the blog shortly. AmBo has can create poems instantaeously...here is something that he had scribbled for Anagha...
Tujhya pragaticha dongar asach vaadhat rahava
Community varti tujhya posts nehmi chalu asavya
Hya meetchya goad athvani tujhya mani ayushyabhar rahavya
Saglya GSB friends kadun tula all the best Anagha..

So then where is this blog and what goes into it?
This blog is a blog dedicated to your hobbies and is called Majhe Chanda (= My Hobbies) [Link to the blog: http://majhechanda.blogspot.com/] All your hobbies, pics of your hobbies...anything and everything that you can contribute goes on the blog.

Since poem/song writing is one of the most common things, we have a blog dedicated to poems and songs. This blog is called Kavya Prabha for all budding as well as talented writers [Link to the blog: http://kavyaprabha.blogspot.com/] So you can contribute anything that you have written in your childhood to may be written with care for someone.

Probably visiting both these blogs will give you a better idea of whats happening!

Now how do we contribute?
Email your contribution to mahagsb@googlegroups.com. You can even email us any queries that you may be having and we will get back to you.

Happy Hobbying...and keep Posting!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bye bye Anagha...and come back soon!

Bye bye Anagha...and come back soon! We want to have another get-together to welcome you.

Since this get-together was to bid Anagha farewell, I'll start with what she has to say,

"No amount of adjectives can describe yesterday's experience. I can't believe I was meeting all my friends for the second time, and it felt as though i have known them since ever. I really do apologize for being late (this shopping is driving me crazy) but "apan saglyanni aswad chi jaaga janu kahi vikatach ghetli hoti", and the singing session with Vivek who really sang well (i mean it :), and not forgetting Riddhesh's contri (it's okay Riddhesh, dooba dooba sounds good whichever way you sing it, hehe kidding), and then of course the lovely moonlight walk upto the restaurant for our dinner. God, Mangesh and Asawari, are SO FUNNY. these days, the moment i see their faces i burst into peels of laughter. And of course the lovely food, and the jokes, and am sure the snaps are gonna be nice (we trust you Vivs ,hehe) Last but not the least, the lovely cards that all my dear friends gifted to me, and the Ganpati idol. It was very thoughtful of Mangya and Kedar to pick up my words that I worship Lord Ganpati, and gift me accordingly on everyone's behalf. I was really touched. Mee US madhe ek chota devghar banavnaar ahe. tyasathi ek chota paat, niranjan, ful-vatee ghetlya ahet, Mangeshacha foto tar ahech, tyasobat ata Ganpati chi moorti pan asel, hence I really liked the gifts. I read everybody's messages on the cards, AmBo ur poem is heart-rendering, very nice indeed! Thank you very much. It was sad that kaki-kaka couldn't turn up. Hope they get well soon, but I will certainly meet them before I leave India. I will surely be in touch with everyone thru orkut (I know you don't trust me, Keds), once I settle there in a few months, cuz I dont wanna miss this fun! Wish I was a part of this community earlier, would have had the chance to contribute towards this community. But anyways, I will try to do some good work there."

Hey Anagha, regarding contributions...you can definitely do online contributions...and AmBo, I need that poem, its going on the blog for sure.

And when Anagha has said such a lot, it leaves less for others to say. So let me highlight some interesting points here...This was Anagha's second meet and she is already missing people. That is the attachment that has been built-up. The gift chosen was the best that Anagha could get. That says about the understanding that we have. And though we had a farewell, we did not let the emotions flow...that talks about the jolliness in the team. We all would miss Anagha...and that is because of the integrity in the team.

Nanda joined us for the first time and she had a rocking time. She says, "ata matra pudhchya meetchi agadi manapasun wat baghate ahe ..... manasokta hasanya sathi!!! It was a greatttttt evening!!!"

Nanda and Shalmali had to leave a bit early, but they regret it...cos they know what they have missed...we too missed you! Nagesh, OKC, Naresh and Pravin Da also had to leave early...nevertheless it was worth the 3 hours spent together.

Sudnya had to leave early in the previous meet, however she made it a point to stay till the end of this meet. She says, "Am never gonna forget the way we all laughed n laughed from starting till the end... just never came to know how time passed... n finally keeping a 'stone on our hearts' we all took each others leave n bid Anaghaa farewell... it ws a reallll fun!!!V ROCK, MAN!!!" The 'stone on our hearts' that Sudnya is referring to, we kept at 11:00 PM...the meet had started at about 6:00 PM. We were together for almost 5 hours and it still took us time to say "bye-bye"

Farewell Anagha...Be back soon! We want to have a get-together to welcome you!

If you are feeling that you have missed something, then make sure you don't miss the next meet. And if you feel, we have missed something, please write to us at mahagsb@googlegroups.com

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Contributions start flowing in...

Moving further from meets, we have started working on contributions. We have one contribution from AmBo [Amit Bokale]. Before this, Pradnya Bhobhe has a poem written on "aaee". Poems have been uploaded on the blog dedicated for poems "Kavyaprabha". We encourage all talented to start posting...we have many readers waiting!

AmBo first scripted the whole Pune get-together as-it-happened...and now he puts the same wonderfully in poetic format...Enjoy!

Baryach diwsaani punyaat meet ghaiche tharle
Ani sagle utsaahi GSBs mathuret jamle

Aapan hya adhi kadhich bhetlo nahi hyachi konala jaaniv navhti
Janu aaplyaat hi janma janmichich maitri hoti

Sagle jamle hote...ani suru zhaali hi mast meet
Aadhi magavnyaat ale garam garam thaalipeet

Mathuretle ek table amhi advun thevle
Ani nantar vel kadhaicha mhanoon chaha magavle

Chakk maharashtrian menu samor baghun konala rahavle nahi
Ani ithey yeun misal taste karanya shivay gatyantar nahi

Truptine magavleli misal hi navhti taaji
Kaaran tyaat tyaaney ghatli hoti parvachich bhaaji

Hey teela samjavnyaat amcha vel chaan gela
Tevdhyaat waiter ne aanoon dila pitalecha tambya ani pela

Vaibhav Parulekar ni good news dili ki to challa ahe MS karaila
Mhanooon tyaaney pics kaadhle saglya athvanee japaila

Vaibhav Nadkarni la yaila jara ushirach zhaala
Pan tyaala amchyabarobar gondhal ghalaila vel nahi lagla

Avinash chi sakalchi zhop jara kamich zhaali hoti
Tey tar hotey aaple manaache ganapati

Kedar ani Ashu chya badbad ani masti suruch hoti
Tyanchyach utsaah ani prayatna mule hi meet successful zhaali hoti

Mala [AmBo la] tar hey doghe kahich bolu det navhte
Ani var...arey tu khhop shaant ka basla ahes mhanat hote

4-5 taas Mathuret kasey gele hey kalalech nahi
Ani toh manager hi amcha utsaah baghun kahi bolla nahi

Agdi moklepanane saglyanchya gappa zhalya
Hasat hasat ek mekanna dilya taalya

Amhaala mahit hote ki baryach jananni hey miss kele
Mahoonach pratyek shanache chitra hey tiple gele

Magh amchi gaadi McDonalds la valali
Tithey suddha vel kasa gela hey kalalech nahi

Baherchya yenaryanchi gardi baghun amhich nighalao
Nahitar pudhcha shanivar ugvey paryant tithech baslo asto

Ashi hi meet nehmich sarvanchya manaat raaheel
Punyachi pahili meet hi Mathura chya naavanich olakhli jayeel

Parat ekda meet ghenyachi ahe sarvanna iccha
Apla group asach vaadhava hich AmBo chi shubheccha.

- AmBo

Contributors are most welcome…please keep mailing to mahagsb@googlegroups.com

Sunday, August 5, 2007

मिसळ ताजी आहे

Generally, I take the onus of writing about the meet. This time Ambo took the initiative on this front and he has put in the description of the first meet of the Pune chapter in assal puneri style…Enjoy the Mastani Misal and the Khamang thalipeeth!!!

Sakaalchi 9-9:30 chi vel…pausani hi aapli hajiri laavli hoti…mast thand gaar vaatavaran…janu ha GSB mitranchya maitrichach gaarva hota…sagle Mathura chya vrindavanaat pochle…mazhya pochnya aadhi Kedar, Ashu, Avinash ani Vaibhav cha chaha paanyacha ek round zhaala hota…Vaibhav saglyaat adhi aala hota…tyaala utsahani yewdhi bhook laagli hoti ki tyaane surwaat keli hoti…punyaatla initiator asla mule tyaane sarva dishes (mumbaiche pahune yenya aadhi) barobar aahet ka nahi test kariache tharavle asel kadachit ;) … Ashu, Kedar ani Avinash ni nantar tyaala saath dili…mast garma garam thaalipeeth.

Tya nantar mi pochlo tithe…gapaa taapa suruch hotey…tewnha Trupti ne call kela..tiney Kamat hotel madhe pahila khanyacha round poorna kela hota…ani magh ti amhala mathuret join zhaali.
Puneri misal ani thaalipeet parat magavnyaat aale…amhaala nahi tari vel kadhaicha hota…tyaat Trupti ne lavkaraat lavkaar teechi misal sampavli…ek-deed taas is what is Trupti's minimum time to finish the dish…Manager amchya jawalach basla hota…yedha vel time paas karnari pora baghun vaitaagla hota…saarkha ubharahun bagat hota hi kiti sampavla ahe khaana…pan aamhi hi durlaksha kareet hoto…nantar chaha maagavnyaat aale…Vaibhav limbu paani chi farmaish keli…pan ti hotel chya waiter ni naakarli…Trupti ne 7-up maagavle…tyaatla waiter ni ek sip maarli asey sagle Trupti la saangu laagle. Misal taaji nahi, hey trupti la patvoon denyaat khoop maja aali.

Parat ekda thalipeet ani chaha cha round zhaala…Avinash chi friend Renu ni join kele…teechya ni Trupti chya gappa aikne sarkhya hotya…

trupti: tu kuthe rahtes?
Renu: xyz [not to be disclosed on net]
trupti: arey mi hi ttithech rahte…xyz madhe kuthe..
renu: Abc
trupti: arey mi hi tithech rahte…

amche hasne ithe suru zhaale.

trupti: kuthli society
renu: efg

amche hasne ithe joraat suru zhaale.

trupti:arey what a co-incidence…mi hi tithech rahte…kuthli bldg…

amche comments: ata hya doghinna kalel ki aapan ekach flat madhe rahto [:D]
pan doghanchi bldg vegli hoti..

Vaibhav Nadkarni ni amhala join kele…tya velela amhi Mathura sodnyacha nirnay ghetla…tya velicha manager chya chehryacha anand veglach hota…thats what you call "chayn ki saans" chayn != jackie chan..saans = shwaas and not mother in law.

Baher padlyavar photo session suru zhaale…vaig veglya angles ni photos kadle…magh pudhcha question: ata kuthe jaiche?? 4-4:30 taas mathura madhe kadlyavar amhi McDonalds la pochlo…tey samorch hote…eka room chya pudhe "closed" cha board laavla hota…pan amchya saathi te open karnyaat ale…bahutek McD cha maalak GSB asava.
Tithe baslo…gappa marlya…chicken burgers khalae…time pass kela…magh gardi vadhayla laagli…ani amhala vicharnyaat aale "ki tumche khaun zhaale ka?" Vaibhav Parulkar ne agdi sopya ashya shabdaat khotey saangiltle ki amcha ek mitra yet ahe ani amhi tyaachi waat baghat aahot…ani amhi ajun 15-20 min tithe baslo. Magh sagle baher padhlo…pausaat discussions zhaale. Trupti ni thodi shopping keli (in record time...15 min!!!) McDee chya baher baslelya mansaabarobar pics kadle…ani tithe amchi official meet sampli. Sagle aaplya chehryavar ek veglach anand ani utsaha gheun ghari nighaale..[aap-aaplya]..ha "aap-aaplya" cha funda ithe nahi saangu shaknaar ;)
Snigdha yenaar asey bolli hoti…tya mule ji mulgi baher disel teech Snighda asel asey vichaar suru zhaale…konihi mulgi hotel madhe enter zhaali ki sagle…Snigdha-Singhda asey haaka maaru laagle…Snigdha la baryach uchkya laaglya asteel… :D

Ashi hi meet ekdam majet poorna zhaali…ani meet sampta sampta pudhcya meetche hi plans suru zhale…

- Amit Bokale

Those who would like to be a part of the Pune chapter, please post comments here and we will get in touch with you.

Contributors to this blog are most invited…please keep mailing to