Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Extracting the talent!

All of us have a talent. Some express it and become world famous, some wish for a stage to display while some shy off from sharing their talent, fearing that they would be laughed upon. Those in the first category, who are already sharing their talent can put up their posts here as well. That would encourage the new comers to paricipate. For those who needed a stage, here you in all that you can. And those who are still shying away, all I can say is probably you would be worse than some other contributors!

It need not be a talent that is known. It can be any of your hobbies as well. Seema loves glass painting and candle making. Her art would be displayed on the blog shortly. AmBo has can create poems is something that he had scribbled for Anagha...
Tujhya pragaticha dongar asach vaadhat rahava
Community varti tujhya posts nehmi chalu asavya
Hya meetchya goad athvani tujhya mani ayushyabhar rahavya
Saglya GSB friends kadun tula all the best Anagha..

So then where is this blog and what goes into it?
This blog is a blog dedicated to your hobbies and is called Majhe Chanda (= My Hobbies) [Link to the blog:] All your hobbies, pics of your hobbies...anything and everything that you can contribute goes on the blog.

Since poem/song writing is one of the most common things, we have a blog dedicated to poems and songs. This blog is called Kavya Prabha for all budding as well as talented writers [Link to the blog:] So you can contribute anything that you have written in your childhood to may be written with care for someone.

Probably visiting both these blogs will give you a better idea of whats happening!

Now how do we contribute?
Email your contribution to You can even email us any queries that you may be having and we will get back to you.

Happy Hobbying...and keep Posting!

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