Monday, May 12, 2008

We are 1 year old!

This meet marks one year completion of the "Maha GSB". It all had started on May 10, 2006. Since then there have been members coming in and enjoying themselves...having a rocking time! The annual meet was not much different, except that with busy schedules and other reasons the strength had gone down considerably.
The strength, however did not affect the enthusiasts anyways. The cheerfullness and fun prevailed as it always does. A better strength, a bigger crowd would definitely have made the evening more eventful... Nevertheless, Sagar and Vaidehi kept things interesting while Shalmali showed that the spirits are still high by attending the meet after coming to back to Mumbai (she had been out-of-town) Praveen Da had a function to attend, still he made his presence felt...It all goes in to show that over the year, the enthusiasm, the fun factor...nothing has gone down!

So what did we do in one year?? It would be too unrealistic to say that it was a sweet and nice year. We did have our share of bitter tastes and failures, but what matters most is that we have still come together as a team. In the past year, we grew in overall numbers, we have 12 successful get-togethers of which one was a lunch-meet, we did a performance at the prestigious Wadala Ganapati, we had a trip to Matheran and more than anything else, we had a wonderful time together, we made new friends...we gave farewell to a few.

What are we planning for the year to come?? Nothing exceptional...we have been getting friends together. In the stressful life, the meets have been like stress-busters to all those who have been there and in the year to come, we aim to do just that. Provide a fun-factor...a quality fun-time. We also are open for friends and their friends to join in. We also would like to evade the bitter tastes that we had in the previous year.

Finally, a thanks to all the members...right from the day we first met and from where all this all those who made it to the meets. Let's keep Maha GSB rocking!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A "Naturals" meet

In a month filled with marriages and ceremonies, the team still did find sometime to come together for the monthly get-together. The twins Shweta and Teja were the first to arrive, followed by the sweet voiced Shalmali and shooter Ajinkya. The couple Ash-n-Ash joined them later. Meeting outside Aswad, the team moved to the Shivaji Park katta. Jokes and fun followed with hearty laughter...and time passed without any notice.

Chats at Shivaji Park katta have to be followed with some chaat at the ground...and that is what the team exactly did. After some chaat along with chatting, there was a call for ice-creams. Naturally, everyone was it was "Naturals" ice-cream. By the time, we could finish off the cones, it was time to leave and we had spent almost 2 hours together!

Like every time, the fun time continued...the merriment continued and as the members start increasing, this would definitely increase. And like always, the fun had food that kept the get-together chat-pata and was topped with some "Naturals" coolness!

The upcoming meet is on May 11 and that is going to be a special meet as it would mark the 1st Anniversary of the Maha GSB team! So be there...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Premiere

This meet was 'The Premiere', the first to be hosted by the newly wed couple Ash-n-Ash. The venue this time was a very well contioned open place with lots of was the terrace of Shree Sainath Scty. Though the venue was the non-conventional one, the team was there with the same enthusiasm to wish the couple and to have a good time together.

The twins Teja and Shweta were the first to be there...the rest of them followed. And then followed the same chaos and fun that we have at every meet. The dinner was ready and the team had a finger licking good time.Truly said...when you have a good group to laugh with and good food to enjoy, it really is hard to know how time runs by. And by the time you know, it's time to say good-bye. Well, and it is going to be a time to say "good-bye" to a few in the well as there would be a warm welcome for some others. Sounds interesting?? Be there at the next meet to know more on this!
Till then it's "Good-bye, take care and keep smiling!!!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Congratulations and Celebrations!

The 19-member get-together on Sunday, February 10 created another chaos at Aswad after a long time. Aswad supposedly has maintained its tradition and I think we would agree with that as the management has been bearing out outburst with equal patience all time. But what was more important was that "We have maintained our tradition"...we have been rocking since we started and it has been going on and on...

We had a good news coming from Uma. The lady of the foundation team has found her soul-mate and is all set for a grand marriage. And for all you "single and searching", she had one statement to make "Reserved"

And while Uma was sharing the pedha's for her engagement, the singles looked on amused...or were they wondering when their turn would come?? Well...we'll let time answer that question!

And now we have a questions for you. Here are some moments that we captured, let us know your comments on the same. Your comments would be updated on the same blog by Friday. Email your comments to

A great group...getting together for a great time...and will continue so for times to come! Please keep yourself logged on to the blog, for things are going to get interesting...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shades of Black on White

We promised to come back with more sketches from Ashwini. After a series of cartoon sketches of politicians, Ashwini is back with a series of the shades of Black on white. While the earlier series had brought a smile, this one brings in an amazement on how much life is there in what in just black and white...what wonders can a pencil and paper do.

This collection is a close-up of faces and the facial lines are so neatly done that the sketches look real life. This time however, I would not have a teaser sketch here...the whole collection is for you to admire on "Majhe Chand". Do post in your views and comments, so that Ashwini has her feedback and some more up-coming artists come-up with their collections.

We have a huge artist pool with us and the contributions have started flowing in. Keep watching the blog for more posts. Well, do you want to just keep watching and not get listed in the talent club?? Send in your talents to and we will tell you what it means to us.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Year...same old fun!

The New Year for us begins greeting each other "Happy New Year" and continues onto a wishing a series of birthdays! We have three birthdays in the first week of January, starting with Prajakta on Jan 01, Yashashree on Jan 02, Trupti on Jan 03 and Vivek & Rahul on Jan 04.

The first meet of 2008 saw 9 faces...Kedar, Mangesh, Sagar, Prajakta, Rahul, Rohan, Vaidehi, Aditi and Ashutosh. Kedar and Mangesh were upto their usual jokes to keep the mood light, Aditi and Prajakta was all laughs while Vaidehi kept messing up with her language, Rahul and Rohan who had joined in recently were more over silent observers and Ashutosh had all excused for his late entry. The get-together was as planned at Udyan Ganesh Mandir, Shivaji Park. However as the 'Mamta din' celebrations were going on, we decided not to disturb the celebrations and moved to a quiter place at Oven Fresh. Prajakta treated us with her birthday cake, so the celebrations continue...

Yashashree, Trupti and Vivek who had their birthdays and were not able to make it to this meet, have promised to give a treat in the next meet. Vivek would also be giving an additional treat for his marriage with Prachi (the marriage was quite a surprize though!) Talking about marriages, Uma too has lined up. Mangesh mentioned that she is already engaged! Well, Uma, we are waiting to hear from you!

In all, the New Year has started with new excitements and the same old fun. There are many treats, cakes and parties to come. So those of you, who feel you would be missing any of the meets...think again!