Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A "Naturals" meet

In a month filled with marriages and ceremonies, the team still did find sometime to come together for the monthly get-together. The twins Shweta and Teja were the first to arrive, followed by the sweet voiced Shalmali and shooter Ajinkya. The couple Ash-n-Ash joined them later. Meeting outside Aswad, the team moved to the Shivaji Park katta. Jokes and fun followed with hearty laughter...and time passed without any notice.

Chats at Shivaji Park katta have to be followed with some chaat at the ground...and that is what the team exactly did. After some chaat along with chatting, there was a call for ice-creams. Naturally, everyone was it was "Naturals" ice-cream. By the time, we could finish off the cones, it was time to leave and we had spent almost 2 hours together!

Like every time, the fun time continued...the merriment continued and as the members start increasing, this would definitely increase. And like always, the fun had food that kept the get-together chat-pata and was topped with some "Naturals" coolness!

The upcoming meet is on May 11 and that is going to be a special meet as it would mark the 1st Anniversary of the Maha GSB team! So be there...

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