Monday, May 12, 2008

We are 1 year old!

This meet marks one year completion of the "Maha GSB". It all had started on May 10, 2006. Since then there have been members coming in and enjoying themselves...having a rocking time! The annual meet was not much different, except that with busy schedules and other reasons the strength had gone down considerably.
The strength, however did not affect the enthusiasts anyways. The cheerfullness and fun prevailed as it always does. A better strength, a bigger crowd would definitely have made the evening more eventful... Nevertheless, Sagar and Vaidehi kept things interesting while Shalmali showed that the spirits are still high by attending the meet after coming to back to Mumbai (she had been out-of-town) Praveen Da had a function to attend, still he made his presence felt...It all goes in to show that over the year, the enthusiasm, the fun factor...nothing has gone down!

So what did we do in one year?? It would be too unrealistic to say that it was a sweet and nice year. We did have our share of bitter tastes and failures, but what matters most is that we have still come together as a team. In the past year, we grew in overall numbers, we have 12 successful get-togethers of which one was a lunch-meet, we did a performance at the prestigious Wadala Ganapati, we had a trip to Matheran and more than anything else, we had a wonderful time together, we made new friends...we gave farewell to a few.

What are we planning for the year to come?? Nothing exceptional...we have been getting friends together. In the stressful life, the meets have been like stress-busters to all those who have been there and in the year to come, we aim to do just that. Provide a fun-factor...a quality fun-time. We also are open for friends and their friends to join in. We also would like to evade the bitter tastes that we had in the previous year.

Finally, a thanks to all the members...right from the day we first met and from where all this all those who made it to the meets. Let's keep Maha GSB rocking!

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