Monday, March 16, 2009

Warming-up for a new season

After May 11, last year...we met up this Sunday (March 15). Meeting after 10 months, the fun and thrill part of the meet was still the same. Vaidehi missed due to bad health and a few others due to examinations. It was still a good fun time we had together after such a long time.

As the attendance was not so high (as it was last year)...and that we had expected as we were meeting after so long that most had lost the habit of making it to the meets every month! Moreover as exams are also due in April, many enthusiasts were not able to join in. So we invested the time in planning the future of these meets. The current plan that we have is for the Cultural events of the Wadala GSB Ganeshotsav mandal.

In 2007, we had performed at the Wadala GSB Ganseshotsav Cultural function (check this). We plan the same for 2009. Though Ganeshotsav is still far off, we would need to start working since May, so that we can cumulate an event. It would need to be planned with timings as we would accordingly have to book a slot at the function. So those interested in showcasing their talent, do get in touch with us.

And for those who are just interested in being a part of the too are most welcome. The next meet is scheduled for May 17 as April is full of exams (and April fools). This meet with all the fun, we would also be working on planning for the cultural programme. And those who are really very interested and not affected by exams, can get in touch with us. (Our email id is:, or you can call Ashutosh @ 9820992403)

(PS: Missed clicking the snaps as we were too busy...will share them after next meet!)

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