Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Congratulations and Celebrations!

The 19-member get-together on Sunday, February 10 created another chaos at Aswad after a long time. Aswad supposedly has maintained its tradition and I think we would agree with that as the management has been bearing out outburst with equal patience all time. But what was more important was that "We have maintained our tradition"...we have been rocking since we started and it has been going on and on...

We had a good news coming from Uma. The lady of the foundation team has found her soul-mate and is all set for a grand marriage. And for all you "single and searching", she had one statement to make "Reserved"

And while Uma was sharing the pedha's for her engagement, the singles looked on amused...or were they wondering when their turn would come?? Well...we'll let time answer that question!

And now we have a questions for you. Here are some moments that we captured, let us know your comments on the same. Your comments would be updated on the same blog by Friday. Email your comments to ash.nadkarni@gmail.com

A great group...getting together for a great time...and will continue so for times to come! Please keep yourself logged on to the blog, for things are going to get interesting...