Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Year...same old fun!

The New Year for us begins greeting each other "Happy New Year" and continues onto a wishing a series of birthdays! We have three birthdays in the first week of January, starting with Prajakta on Jan 01, Yashashree on Jan 02, Trupti on Jan 03 and Vivek & Rahul on Jan 04.

The first meet of 2008 saw 9 faces...Kedar, Mangesh, Sagar, Prajakta, Rahul, Rohan, Vaidehi, Aditi and Ashutosh. Kedar and Mangesh were upto their usual jokes to keep the mood light, Aditi and Prajakta was all laughs while Vaidehi kept messing up with her language, Rahul and Rohan who had joined in recently were more over silent observers and Ashutosh had all excused for his late entry. The get-together was as planned at Udyan Ganesh Mandir, Shivaji Park. However as the 'Mamta din' celebrations were going on, we decided not to disturb the celebrations and moved to a quiter place at Oven Fresh. Prajakta treated us with her birthday cake, so the celebrations continue...

Yashashree, Trupti and Vivek who had their birthdays and were not able to make it to this meet, have promised to give a treat in the next meet. Vivek would also be giving an additional treat for his marriage with Prachi (the marriage was quite a surprize though!) Talking about marriages, Uma too has lined up. Mangesh mentioned that she is already engaged! Well, Uma, we are waiting to hear from you!

In all, the New Year has started with new excitements and the same old fun. There are many treats, cakes and parties to come. So those of you, who feel you would be missing any of the meets...think again!

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