Monday, December 17, 2007

Chats and Chaats!

This get-together was honoured by the presence of our Gurukaka. So those who missed the get-together, more than anything missed meeting Gurukaka.

The venue this time was changed to where it all began...the Udyan Ganesh Mandir. Gurukaka, as usual were always before time, waiting for us. Ashutosh and Sagar joined in followed by Kedar and Shruti. Shruti looked like she had gained some weight. Yashashree and Ajinkya joined in shortly. Incidentally Yash had gained some weight as well!

There was a surprise promised for this was disclosed. Ashutosh is committing..that is getting engaged. He has found the love of his life. With interuptions and continuous comments from everyone, Ashutosh still managed to tell the love story in complete details. Those who missed the get-together, there is no re-telecast of the love story.

Sankalpa as usual was late and was unable to find his way. Ajinkya went to guide him. Few mins later, Sankalpa joined us...Ajinkya was missing! We proceeded to the chaat counters and were waiting for Ajinkya to join us. He passed by us twice but was so engrossed on his cell that he never noticed us...probably he has found someone too (we are just guessing!) In our get-togethers, chatting is one thing and food is the other...and when it comes to chaat after chat, they are most welcome! While we were relishing on the chaats, Manoj Prabhu joined in. Post the chaats, the chatting was accompanied by walking...we walked to where Manoj had parked his all new Scorpio in which he offered lift to Gurukaka and Yash. Once again...those who missed the get-together, missed seeing that Scorpio is one of those few cars in which Manoj fits in!

Rohan Desai (new entrant) and Rahul were almost the last entries. Almost the Praveen da joined in after them. Then Praveen da gave a surprize the left everyone stunned "Vivek is married!" Probably no get-together would have ended with such a stunning note before. Overall the strength was just 12 members as the rest were either out-of-station or busy attending marriages! Still those who were there had the same fun they have at every get-together...and those who missed, missed more than missed at any other get-together!

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