Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shades of Black on White

We promised to come back with more sketches from Ashwini. After a series of cartoon sketches of politicians, Ashwini is back with a series of the shades of Black on white. While the earlier series had brought a smile, this one brings in an amazement on how much life is there in what in just black and white...what wonders can a pencil and paper do.

This collection is a close-up of faces and the facial lines are so neatly done that the sketches look real life. This time however, I would not have a teaser sketch here...the whole collection is for you to admire on "Majhe Chand". Do post in your views and comments, so that Ashwini has her feedback and some more up-coming artists come-up with their collections.

We have a huge artist pool with us and the contributions have started flowing in. Keep watching the blog for more posts. Well, do you want to just keep watching and not get listed in the talent club?? Send in your talents to and we will tell you what it means to us.

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