Monday, June 15, 2009

Misal, masti and more...

Fun and food...the two words synonymous with the Maha GSB meets. Whether it is the fun factor or the misal at Aswad, we kept our jaws exercising. While our senior member, Praveen da gave us gyaan and Aj usual, AJ was the entertainment factor. This time for a change we met inside Hotel Aswad and then moved out to wait for Chirag. Tanmayee was very punctual and AJ reached to appreciate her punctuality, well in time. Shripad joined in later, followed by Ash-n-Ash.

After some cool time at Aswad, we had to have some colder moments. So we proceeded to the "gola" center. Chirag found the golas too cold, hence we treated us on coffee. That was supposed to be a pre-treat of his birthday. (We wait to see the big treat!) This time for a change, we spent most of the meet time at Baristaa. The most happening thing that happened here was an interview with a Shooter who fires as well as rides bullets! I know, quite some readers would be interested in watching the interview. I shall soon have the link (It is currently under post-production by the cameraman)

And for those interested in the serious happenings...we discussed the performance at Wadala math during Ganeshotsav. And for those who love outings, we are planning one in September (12-13 Sep)

Interested, na...then what are you waiting for?? Get in to: or call Ashutosh (9820992403) for more details.

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Chirag said...

Yeah!! it was certainly a fun meet. My tongue was frozen so I had to have some hot coffee to thaw