Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday morning exploited

"Another Sunday morning exploited!" That probably would be an apt statement...especially for a place like Pune. Generally, we face a very lazy Sunday morning...and we really hate it if we have to get up on a Sunday morning, be ready by 9:30 AM and leave home by 10:00. But Oct 25 was different. It was the day of reviving the Pune group of Saraswats.
The plans had started almost a month back and the response was not so heartening...till the Sunday morning. Marz-O-Rin, the ground zero for the meet, is generally a quiet place on Sunday morning with a very few people (read couples) coming in to have some soft talk or some people coming to have some pastries and little gupshup. All of them witness some nice chaos...something they would not have dreamt would happen!
We started pouring in and the first floor section that remains closed till 12:00 noon, was opened at 11:00. When 28 of us started occupying various seats, moving tables around...I guess the owner did not have much of a choice. It took around 5-10 mins for us to settle down and that was enough for us know each other...and when we know each other, there is no stopping. Chatting started as though we were long lost friends meeting each other. While the newly joined members shared the first impression, the rest shared their view of Maha GSB.
After snacks, pastries and a lot of chatting, it was time to lunch. George was the destination and biryani was the choice. Bhushit sponsored this quoting his birthday, so we replied with a cake!
And by the time we knew, it was time for the Mumbai team to say "Meet you soon!" (and to say that we took about half an hour)
We exploited another Sunday morning...and again, it was worth it. Those who were there would not mind rushing up on another Sunday for the same cause. But for those who missed, check the pics, join us once...and we will ensure you'll never be able to resist joining again!


Anushree said...

Hey Ash, thats a very apt description of what all happened at the meet.. Really there was a great response from Pune people. which I have appreciated at the Puneri GSB community on orkut. Hope for the same response @ the next Pune meet.
Cheers to Maha GSB!!!!!!

Vaibhav said...

That was truly a rocking event. I think i still have a hangover of our meet.

My friend circle is expanding day by day. Thanks a lot to all GSBians who made it possible.


TheOne said...

Thanks Ashutosh for the blog!
Really it was indeed very nice to meet everybody out there.
Looking forward to meet you all for the next meet. Hopefully I will make it.

Cheers guys
Mangesh :-)

Amit said...

great going guys..
c u at the next one...

gelatin08 said...
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gelatin08 said...

hey luks like u ppl had a great time...sorry i missed it this time but i'll make sure i', there nxt time around....!!

Vishal Tendulkar