Tuesday, September 29, 2009

नवरातीची नवमी गाजवली!

The Wadala Ganeshotsav performance had it's side-effects...positively good for us. We were invited to perform at the Girgaum Saraswat Samaj on the Navami of Navratri, the day before Dasara! It was big for all of us not just because we were invited, but more still as some of the high profiles of the Saraswat society were visiting the Devi and were to attend our show as well.

And as is said, when crisis happens, there are no limits and for us, having just one weekend before the show had added in. But luck favours the brave and God helps those who help themselves. Here it was Durga devi who helped us to wave off the crisis and give a show to a packed audience. The show was so packed that we had to squeeze our way to the stage.

Due to lack of time, we had almost a repeat of the performance at Wadala...and there were some new additions. We demonstrated how Maha GSB was formed with grit and determination of all the members. Towards the end of the show, we had a group dance that "shook" the stage in a literal sense.

In short

Show असा झाला की सगळ्यांच मन जिंकलं,
विजयादशमीचा विजय मिळवला!
Performance असा धमाकेदार झाला,
नवमीलाच दसर्याच सोनं मिळवला!
The show had a wonderful response. Along with the applause, we also received queries on "how to join" and "what's the next program?" with a willingness to join the group.
Do you have queries?? Want to know more about Maha GSB??...email us at: mahagsb@googlegroups.com or call Ashutosh (9820992403) for more details.

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Great going!!! Keep it Up..