Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stay Connected!

In this internet era, we have been staying more connected than ever before. Emails, mobiles and then the social networking have helped us connect beyond physical boundaries. While some preferred to stay connected online only, there were a few who believed in putting this network to a practical reality. However well-connected e-friends may be meeting in the real world is a totally different and much wonderful experience.

Being connected thru the internet, we spread the word and built-up a group to visit a place where internet era has not much taken on, a place where mobile service providers are still far from penetrating. This place is amidst the mountains of New Panvel, called Harigram. It is a place for dignified living for the aged. We spent a day with them, we had a good time but what we are happy about is that they had a good time with us too!

We started the day with some wonderful bhajans. It couldn’t have been a better way to connect with the people there and they joining in proved their agreement. The ajjis there joined us and with Kishor Borkar on the harmonium and Archana Kamath lending her sweet voice, the overall experience was a pleasant and soothing one. While everyone was enjoying the bhajans, another group was busy cleaning up the space from non-biodegradable litter. The team-effort came out of nowhere and it displayed the strength of unity, of what we can do when we come together in real life. Overall, everyone contributed their bit from the heart and that is what made the day so special. Lunch at usual, was a delicacy…thanks to Hedge maam. And post lunch, when ajji-ajoobas at Shantikunj had some rest, we busied ourselves with some in-house entertainment. Post tea, we had sessions by physiotherapists Archana Rege and Kishor Borkar who guided the ajji-ajoobas on simple ways to keep away joint pains. And after some exercise, it is time for games…and that we had by Poorva Borkar and Manisha. A memorable day dedicated to a social cause. There was no internet, no social networking, no mobile range, but we still connected…with the ajji-ajoobas there and with all who became our friends there. While mobiles and internet does help us keep connected, getting connected through ideas, thoughts and minds is equally important. While closing this article, I would like to mention thanks to NKGSB Mumbai manch and to all those who made this event such a wonderful success. We promise to stay connected and put-up more such events in the near future. Did you miss the connection? Makes sure you get connected. For details on how, please email us as mahagsb@googlegroups.com or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403).


sanika thali said...

hey awesumm article!!

we will also participate in future activities d same way!!!

thanks for everything ashutosh!:D

Mayuri said...

gr88 article ashutosh......well few words covered it all.....wanna say that u missed on our another awesum xperirnce at the farms in the ashram area....we all njoyd der a lot too.
well to conclude evry corner n moment of the ashram is a memorable achievement for all of us.

Aarti said...

dat ws a gr8 xperience wid aaji aazobas n d rockin part ws dat ven v spend sum tym in farm v njoyd der a lot bt ofcrs u saw r pics ryt? thank u soo much for sugesting it to manch i hope again vl get a chanc to b dr :)

bhavya said...

Is this a Goud Saraswath Brahmin team??