Monday, July 26, 2010

Mesmerizing Matheran

Mesmerizing, mind boggling, mystifying…there are so many words that can be combined to define the trek, but there is no one word. It was an experience way out of dreams or more precisely Out-of-the-box trek.
Torrential rains, slippery rocks, untamed waters, sliding soil, steep treks…all against ten determined souls defying stamina and fear, stretched “impossible” to “I-m-possible”. Of the ten who trekked, there we seven daring ladies and three guys. There were no professional trekkers and the max experience was of hiking mountains on a known path with professional trekkers at lead. And here we were dealing with a nil experience on an unknown path.

To top it, we decided to take a shorter route and it was rather finding the route. As Nikita says, “The trek was complete package of expedition including rock climbing, mountaineering, jungle safari and waterfall crossing” or as Akshay says, “This trek was full of adventure-cum-treking-cum hiking-cum-rock climbing and mainly Lost and Found game. This was my first trek and I got good experience.” When the first trek of the season (and the first trek in life for most of us) is this complete package, then the memories are lifetimers.

The only thing that we missed was clicking snaps, which could not happen due to the continuous heavy rains. And we take that positively…looking at our efforts, “the Rain God too showered his blessings on us, throughout our journey”. For us, every moment of that trek will be memorable. All that we did like crossing a waterfalls holding hands and trust of a friend on the other side, walking along a one-person path half of which was down a land-slide, crossing a free-flowing downstream with the help of a fallen tree, watching awestruck as Komal’s bag rolled down the slope, seeing the trail end at a waterfalls and realizing that the we had just crossed a path which we would not be able to trace back. While we have the memories to share and talk about, there are not many photographs to show…so those who missed a lucky enough to not know what they missed. We have some shots describing the “blissful scenic beauty” to share, but that cannot give the experience of the thrill and adventure that we had.

This blog cannot be completed without due thanks to all the 10 who made it to the trek and made the trek so memorable. This special note is not just for attending the trek, but for the standing united in tough times, for the positive attitude and undying spirit, especially to ladies (for standing tough) and to all those first-timers (as the route was difficult for even seasoned trekkers).
For once we had lost and we learnt that losing is not necessarily a bad thing. We lost the route, we lost our lunch, we lost our booking. We gained a new strength, capacity to deal face challenge in return of the route we lost. We gained hospitality (and extra time at Matheran) against the lunch that we lost. And the lost bookings saved the day as there were a large number of drop-outs. It’s truly said, “Whatever happens, happens for good”

The more we learn, the more we know how less we know. The more we trekked, the more we realized that had we known more, the chances of us trekking would be lesser. Had we known that the route was so difficult (adventurous), we probably would not have ventured out on that route (and now that we know, it is very unlikely that we would do it again). Finally for those who missed it…better luck next time, but wait, will there be a next time?
Well, yes, there will be…might not be on the same route; may be on different route. And then too, there would be a few who would miss…but sadly would not know what they missed.

If you have missed this and you want to ensure that you don't miss the next one, stay in touch. For details on how, please email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403).

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