Monday, October 8, 2012

Nostalgia meet

Memories of the past are at times so wonderful that you want to re-live and share them with your friends. And when you share it with those who helped create them, it leads to another memorable sequel. That has happened with us over all these years.

We had started as a small group in May 2007 (From where it all started...) at Udyan Ganesh Mandir, Shivaji Park. Hence we started yesterday's meet at the same venue. As friends started coming in, memories of how it all began and how we built up the network of friends started flowing. Quite a lot has changed from when we started to where we are, but the only thing that still remains unchanged is the love for food. Our memories wandered towards the fun times at Aswad and we too reached Aswad.
Aswad has been our (tolerant) venue for quite a few meets. From wonderful moments, we had moved into some tasty thoughts. Thalipeeth is just one of the options...the more favourite being misal. I am not sure if the misal was so delicious or the chatting more interesting, but we were quite engrossed that we barely remembered to click a few pics to share.

After all the chatting and chaating, we moved to CCD for a cuppa-coffee. Again CCD is a place where we celebrated some special moments (including an interview, which I'll try to share sometime).

While we were talking about the past and all the wonderful memories, Chirag came up with the idea of visiting the past. We are working on plans for a Heritage walk starting from Banganga. Very few of us are aware of the Kavle math at Banganga (and I know a few would be asking where this place is). So we decided to talk more on this in the next meet, involve a few more heads and come up with a great plan for all of us to spend an exciting Sunday in the coming months.

So while you get your cameras ready for some super clicks, get your heads cracking for the next meet on Nov 4, tagged as the Planning meet for the Heritage walk. bee th

Those who have been with us on the memorable events, know what it was and we promise to deliver more of such memories in the time to come. For those who missed out so far, still have a chance. For details, write to us at

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Amit said...

You guys seem to have lots of fun.. as usual.. . :)
missing it since long.. Hope to catch the meet soon..