Sunday, May 4, 2014

Maha Panchami with Maha GSB

Continuing from our last meet at Ambernath, we move to another heritage location this meet. Ambernath is towards the outskirts of Mumbai, now we come to the tip of South Mumbai into a GSB territory. Very few know that the heritage location of Banganga belongs to the GSB Temple trust. At this location, we have brances of two GSB maths. One of them is of Shree Saunsthan Goudapadacharya Kavle Math. This math houses temple of Shree Shantadurga. Many festivals are celebrated here. These include all Maha Panchamis.
May 4 was Vaishakh Shudh Panchami, considered to be one of the 5 Maha Panchamis. On this day, Navachandi Anushthan is performed in the morning. We had been there to be a part of the celebrations. Visiting maths and temples, has traditionally been a strictly religious matter so far. But with the whole gang meeting up, it has added a level of enjoyment. It has built-up the motivation to not just visit math, but to collectively participate and volunteer in the activites around.
The last time we had participated similarly was on Tripuri Poornima (Nov 2013), when we had lit up the whole math with panatees (diyas). While this time, we did not have the chance to do so much of a seva, but we enjoyed helping out the little bit that we could in laying out the seating for lunch and serving food. We also spent some time going around Banganga and applying the knowledge learnt from the last meet. Even in the heat and humidity, we had a great time chilling out together.
We have a "chilling out" plan coming soon where we are going on an outing. The dates are June 7-8. Teams from Pune and Mumbai are coming together after a long time (last time we met was in 2009 at Khandala). Those who were there know what a blast it was. Those who weren't can join now. The rest can keep reading. If you  are not the one who just keeps reading, then hop on. Email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403). You can also join us on facebook to get regular updates of our events.

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