Sunday, April 20, 2014

Visiting the past and planning the future

Our get-togethers have always been similar in nature and unique in content. We have gradually been developing the content of the meet from planning events, to trekking. Going further, we are looking at adding knowledge sharing in our get-togethers. Our latest Mumbai get-together at Ambernath Shivalay was a start to this series of infotainment get-togethers. Ambernath Shivalay is a Shiva temple with intricate stone carvings and attracts not just locals, but art historians across the globe.
The temple is considered is an 11th century marvel and considered as the oldest existing temple of the Bhumija style of architecture. Most of us did not even know temple architecture had styles and that there was much deeper thought that just the wonderful carvings. Sensing this, our guide for the day, Chirag Rege, started with the very basic question of when and how the temple building started. He further went on to explain the broad classification of temple architecture styles.
Bhumija Shikhar is a northern style of architecture, prominently seen in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In this architecture, the Shikhar has four spines decorated with meshes. Quadrants between these spines are filled with miniature shrine model. He further explained on the components of a temple and we started realizing how thoughtfully the temples were created from those times. Along with the explanation, we explored more basics of a temple and knowing how to identify sculptures. Fitting all that information in a blog would be quite difficult and moreover would not justify the actual experience that we had of exploring the historical monument.
One of the inherent inclusions of our meets is "food". This meet too, started off with pet-pooja but quite surprisingly, we missed lunch and did not even realize it till we were on our way back. This fact can help you gauge how interesting the session would have been. Moreover the learning is something that we would carry further when visiting other temples as well. Some of you reading this blog would already be regretting missing this opportunity. We do not know when we can present this same opportunity again, but ensure that you do not miss any further action.

Whilst the Mumbai team was visiting the past, the Pune team was building plans for the future. We need energy for planning; hence the venue had to be a restaurant. We met at Good Luck restaurant, Deccan at 10:00 am on the same day. Being a Sunday, the place was over-crowded as usual. After spending some time in the waiting, we finally had a seat. What we ate is not quite important in the current context, but what we have planned is. We have planned for a "Maha meet" where team from Mumbai and Pune would come together to have a grand get-together. We have nearly closed on the venue and are working on the finer aspects of the plans. We are sure that you are quite eager to know more details on this. So here are some clues: The date would be a weekend of June and the venue would be between Mumbai and Pune but not Lonavala or Khandala. Any guesses?

Mumbai or Pune, at either place, we had a great time this Sunday. Unless, you are just happy reading blogs, we have a venue for you to have an amazing experience. So join in and have something to share. To know more and to participate, email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403). You can also join us on facebook to get regular updates of our events.

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Chirag said...


It was great fun working towards this event. It's not only others who learnt from me, even I am hugely benefited through this meet as i got a chance to revive my knowledge about temples and brushed up my presentation skills.

Hats off to all my maha gsb team members who not only attended the visit but also showed great interest in the topic.

The idea of infotainment not only makes this group special but it also makes all of look for what new coming up in the next meet.

Chirag Rege