Sunday, November 17, 2013

Celebration of light and colors

Tripuri purnima or Kartik purnima, is one of the beautiful festivals. And when you have a "gang of friends" like the ones we are, you can bet on creating a specatcular visual that will last memories for long times. It was precisely the same thing that happened at Kavle math, Walekeshwar on this Tripuri Purnima on Sunday, Nov 17.
We started the afternoon with making rangoli making and prepating waati. Intially we had a colorful mess and cotton strands. Then things started rolling and everyone starting contributing in their own way. Rangoli making is not an easy task but the girls were enjoying it to the core. Not to be left behind, the rest of the "gang" moved around, setting up the pantees (diyas) for the evening show.
As the evening pulled on, the stage was set-up. The rangoli was looking a masterpiece...thanks to Prajakta, Priyadarshana, Sanyukta, Tanuja and Priti. Palki was ready for the procession and we were all super excited.
On Tripuri Purnima, Shree Shantadurga palkhi procession starts from Kavle math and goes around the magnificient Banganga lake visting the Walkeshwar temple and Kashi math. During the procession, the palkhi stops whenever residents in the area offer aarti to the palkhi. It is a blissful feeling going around with the palkhi and seeing the participation from residents in the area. Palkhis from Kashi math and Walkeshwar temple also make a visit to Kavle math. When we were back from the procession, we had aarti. During this time, all the electric lights were swtiched off and the temple illuminated to the light of the pantees. The temple looked so beautiful that the entire "gang" had the feeling of efforts being rewarded.
Reward was also waiting for us in the form of maha prasad. A yummy dinner with pulav and topped with kheer for desert was much the appreciation that we needed...and we gladly accepted it. If you have noted, throughtout the blog, the entire team has been referenced as "gang". If you are wondering why, the reasons are pretty simple. A gang can barge into anything and make it their own. We have been doing that since long, the recent one being Kavle Math. We all came to Kavle math, made ourselves at home and decorated is as we would decorate our own premises. And because we do it the way we do it, saying good-bye is always the hard task. Time and again, it has always been that we have reached home much later than planned. Those who have been there, will second it.
Celebrating festivals and Maha GSB events have always been fun. There is always something you can give and there is always a lot to take. We put in our efforts and received some wonderful memories. If you haven't had these memories so far, now is the time. Join us at the next meet. For details on how, please email us at or feel free to call Ashutosh (+91-9820992403). You can also join us on facebook ( as well.

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