Sunday, October 20, 2013

Katta friends and discussions

For some reasons, this group never has new members. It's just old friends whom we haven't met. That is the flavour of the group. When we had first met at Udyan Ganesh in May 2006, we were so unknown that a couple of us were sitting besides each other not knowing that we had come together for the same meet. What happened on this meet was on similar lines, Prashant and Sagar were at Udyan Ganesh. Both sitting at either end of the mandir, watching the cricket match while waiting for others to join in. Neither of them aware that they both were friends.

That is how it happens here. We meet and find friends whom we have never met before. The very obvious question is: Aren't they strangers before you meet? With strangers, you need a formal introduction and then some time to know the person before you can gel with him/her and be a friend. Unlike other groups, we never have had a formal "Round-of-Introduction". We start with "Hi" and "Hellos" and go on to talks and discussions as we would be our "katta friends".

Our talks are of personal experiences and fun moments, while discussions are about future plans for the group. Our group has been evolving with time, from members to content. With this change, we have now added knowledge sharing about GSB culture (without getting too religious about it) as a part of our event. The upcoming event would emphasize a lot on this new content addition. The event is schedule on Tripuri Purnmia. On the knowledge sharing, we would get to know about the significance of this Purnima. On this occassion, there is Deepotsav at Kavle Math, Walkeshwar. Together as a group, we get to enjoy decorating the math with lights. And then there is Palkhi procession around Banganga lake. To add to this, His Holiness Shrimat Shivananda Saraswarti Swami has agreed to spend some time with us. For more details, check the event on facebook.

Further, we also put the Shantikunj Sevashram plans to discussion. Shantikunj is the GSB Oldage home run by the Wadala Math trust. We talked about what we have done there so far during our visits. While we are yet to work out the detailed plans, we are looking for inputs to build the plan. Please do share your thoughts with us here.

Have you met your friends? While there is always a next time, we missed you this time. For the next time, ensure that "This is the time!" For details on how, please email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (+91-9820992403). You can also join us on facebook ( as well.

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