Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coffee and Wine

It's been a crazy time with everyone being quite as busy as can be. Amidst the rush life, we Maha GSB friends, still found some time for some unique meets. The first was a coffee meet with a difference. We met at Di Bella for an Australian coffee experience. Di Bella posed a interesting experience as we discussed on varied topics, including building up the GSB Football team. The GSB Football team, initiated by Akshay Keny is picking well and is getting well appreciated. The team is a mix of experienced to rookies and is a good way to socialize and exercise at the same time.

Chai Latte

While discussing this unique idea of socializing and staying healthy, we were sipping on a unique drink known as "Chai Latte". It is a light tea flavored with masala served on candle stove. We also had Hot chocolate that was served in a peculiarly interesting cup. We also talked on more plans of socializing and getting friends together. Interesting drinks, engrossing discussions and good friends to spend some leisurely time.that's what we had and have been having, as always at Maha GSB.

Hot Chocolate

The next one was a highly spirited meet. We met at the Mumbai Wine Tasting Festival.

Wine tasting

It was an amazing evening at the pier and probably the first classroom of its kind where everyone was allowed to get drunk. Some of us who were new to wine-ism learnt appreciating wines, while few of the wine "aficionados" amongst us were busy checking wine legs and discussing bouquets. But at the end of the event all of us had our own favorite wines that we would swear by, at least till next year's wine festival... Viognier (white wine) from Nine hills, Merlot (red wine) from Jacobs creek and Lancers semi sparkling rose from french wine makers were shortlisted by our gang.

Do you share the energy? Do you have the spirit? Have you missed out? There is always a next time. For details, write to us at
mahagsb@googlegroups.com or join us on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/mahagsb)

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