Monday, January 18, 2010

Coffee and more with Maha GSB

After a really long time, we had our traditional "meet". Not that we had not met in between, but after the Wadala performance, Khandala outing till the latest Lohagad trek, we have been meeting more often than not. But the traditional way in which we friends first met had not happened for a long time. Hence this time it was decided we would go back to the basics and have the very simple Aswad meet.

The last time we had met was on Dec 13. It was slightly more than a month and we were all looking forward to meet-up again. Though some of us keep meeting each other, the get-together of the whole group is yet another experience which none of us want to miss. Those who haven't joined us yet keep wondering what is it that drives us travel from all corners from Mumbai to meet-up just for a couple of hours??

Just as a cup of garam chai on a chilly morning or glass of nimbu-paani after a heavy work-out or mug of black coffee after a nap can do wonders…similarly even a couple of hours with the Maha GSB friends de-stresses us from all the day-to-day hectic schedules. Probably it is our monthly dose, which we cannot miss.

Though we had planned for the traditional Aswad meet, the number was more than Aswad to manage and hence the destination was shifted to CCD. But we are as we are and we are never bound to change. On the way, there was a gola-wala and we had to have our stop there. After a few golas and some PJs (not AJs) we proceeded to CCD and even they found it difficult to accomdate us. And then as it always happens, either the time runs faster or we don't realize how it goes by…and what we feel has just started is already past a couple of hours. By then the stress is relieved and memories built-up. We wonder why do we have to leave…and I guess it is so that we can meet-up again.

फोटो धुवायला टाकले आहेत! Will upload pics shortly.
We have been enjoying this for quite sometime and would continue to do so…If you feel you have missed out, then please email us as or feel free to call Ashutosh (9820992403).

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