Monday, October 15, 2007

Satwik Paarampara!

They say a pic is worth thousand words...see for yourself! Aswad is where is meet and this is what we have been doing traditionally. That's our "parampara...ekdum Satwik Parampara!" Smita was the youngest heart with us. She helped us in the celebrations with a wonderful cake (and she has helped summarize the get-together as well)
Landed at sharp 5:oo pm at Aaswad as told by Mangesh, who himself reached the venue accompanied by his girlfrend (his sawaari) by about 5.45 pm. Ashutosh(a well organised matured frend) and Ajinkya (the shy guy) were already there before me to greet people...Dheere dheere one found the most lovable, crazy, smiling twins (Teja/Shweta), then Vivvekk (numerology flirty freak) with Uma (the cutest, friendly but anorexic gurl) joining in...Then we had Prajakta, Vaidehi, Sudnya, and the rest pouring in...A gang of boys (3 room mates- Madhav (gela kunikadhe), Gaurish, Anirudh) also came in shyly, introduced themselves as shyly and stayed back just quietly watching all the madness that was going on...Mangya, the dodo came aaramse (after watchng Australia win), but he made up for all the lost time...He's a total cracko who keeps one in splits...Non-veggie stuff that he was playfully wording on everyone was not the kind which would make anyone angry...He was the livewire one must say along with Vivekk and Vaidehi...We created a riot I suppose at Aaswad with our chatter pratter and terrible laughter, but luckily weren't kicked out of the restaurant.

Manoj, Sankalpa and Shalmali the late comers kept hunting for chairs as we were 17 people by then, but managed to somehow push push and sit together on the joined tables. Vivekk couldn't choose on the dishes to be ordered so a li'l bit of help from me and some others made him finally settle for Misal pav, Kothimbir wadi, sabudana vada and cutlets with cold and hot coffee. This resulted into people's tendencies suddenly changing and guys were actually behaving like they were on the shows of Coffee with Karan And Chai with Ashutosh.

Snaps were clicked, old pictures albums were passed on for viewing and the bratty twins gave each one of us a li'l card( handmade by them) as a remembrance...Ashutosh was prompt enough to pass a sheet to each one of us to jot down our tel no's, mail id's etc...
The meet continued with everyone pushing off to Shivaji Park katta for gupshup, from where each one pushed off home as and per their timings. Nanda, Yashashree and Shruti were there at the katta as they had reached a li'l bit late to join us at Aaswad. Aditi joined in even later. All in all, a nice brief meet with total strangers, who turned out to be lovely friends...Keep the community going guys with more and more people joining in everytime...All the best to you and yes, I would always make it a point to be present for your meets whenever possible and be of any help to you people whenever needed!

At the Shivaji Park katta, it was full dhamaal time (wasn't that obvious!) Everyone was in their own world, enjoying with each other...and we had almost lost a track of time. Overall, 21 enthusiastic friends came together...had a blast of a time...and as usual carried home some memories to cherish!
Another memorable moment was the call from US. One of our team members, Anagha, whom we had given a farewell had called up. She is always in touch with us and has been promising to make it to the meets...this time she kept up to her promise and made her presence felt.

We have been going better and bigger. Some of the regular members missed the meet for some reasons and then there are new members joining in. We are now having members who have not been orkuting or not have been members of the orkut community and have still made it to the get-together. That goes a long way to say where we are heading!That's all from this get-together...see you all at the upcoming get-together!

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