Saturday, May 12, 2007

From where it all started...

On May 12, a few orkutians of Maha GSB (also known as the Maharashtrian GSB) community came together and did what they were best at. It was all initiated about a couple of weeks back, when they thought of giving the e-life some real fun. And when the topic was initiated by Uma, there was an overwhelming response...a response that said in very simple words "Count me in"...and so there they were on May 12, sitting together
Most of them were seeing each other for the first time...and when they chatted for 5 mins it was like they used to sit on the katta every evening and have a cutting chai.

As Gurukaka says, "एकंदरीत मीटची नांदी तर खूप आनंदात , सुखदायी झाली. भेटलेल्या सर्वाना खरच खूप समाधान वाटल्याचे दिसते , हाच जोश , एकी , आपलेपणा कायम ठेवा."

Then Teja adds, "Aye tumha saglyana bhetun khup khup chaan vatle ,ani best part is majority of us were meeting for the first time n still were behaving as if bahut purane friends hai,good haan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep it up yaaron.....Eager to meet u all soon!!!!!! "

And as Vivek expressed, "The meet was awesome, hope there will be a lot more meets like these! Thanks for everyone who attended the meet, those who missed it please make it for sure the next time! Was thrilled to make so many new friend especially, Gurudas kaka! You all are so wonderful! Great to have you all as a part of my group!"

Vivek captured the meet with his expertise behind the cam which was apprecitated by everyone. One of the member, Anagha complimenting Vivek mentioned, "could not attend the meet, but the pics are awesme, good work buddy!".

Before we knew 2 hrs flew off as they were 2 mins and it was time to go home. And what was left was a lingering sweet taste like that of AAMRAS...sweet and long lasting. In short "They Came, They Met and They Enjoyed"

I was there when this happened and I am happy that I was there, cos I would not have liked to miss this!

To ensure that the sweetness continues, we are planning on creating the Maha GSB team...for GSBians and beyond!!! Well, that is we are not confining ourselves to be just Maharashtrian GSBians, we are Maha GSBians...all inclusive. The upcoming meet will mark the birth of this team. So if you care to be one of them, do join the team and enjoy the fun. For the rest, all I can say is you are really gonna miss something...that we will ensure!


amit said...
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amit said...

wow !!!
a great way to keep those lovely memories....

hope to c myself somewhere in the forthcoming pics !


- Amit Bokale [AmBo]